Rangitāiki River Forum

Ngā Meneti

Open Minutes

Commencing:             Friday 4 March 2022, 10:00 am

Venue:                         Via Zoom (Audio Visual Meeting)


Chairperson:               Cr Bronco Carson (Te Runanga o Ngāti Whare)

Ngā Kopounga

Members:                    Bay of Plenty Regional Council:
Cr Bill Clark, Cr Kevin Winters

                                    Hineuru Iwi Trust:

Mei Winitana, Brenda Lewis (Alternate)

                                                      Taupō District Council:

                                                      Cr John Williamson

                                                      Te Kotahitanga o Ngāti Tūwharetoa:

                                                      Whakaeke Ritete

                                                      Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Awa:

                                                      Miro Araroa, Tuwhakairiora O'Brien (Alternate)

Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Manawa:

Karito Paul (Alternate)

Whakatāne District Council:

Cr Alison Silcock, Cr Wilson James (Alternate)

Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Whare:

Jane Nicholas (Alternate)

Tūhoe Te Uru Taumatua:

Ngapera Rangiaho

Te Hunga i Tae Ake

In Attendance:            Bay of Plenty Regional Council: Chris Ingle - General Manager Integrated Catchments, Herewini Simpson - Kaihautu (Te Amorangi Lead), Charles Harley - Eastern Catchments Team Leader, Gemma Moleta - Senior Planner (Water Policy), Fiona Wood – Programme Coordinator, Michelle Lee – Planner (Water Policy), Shari Kameta (Committee Advisor);
Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Manawa:
Maxeen Newton – Pou Taiao; Whakatāne District Council: Georgina Fletcher – General Manager Community Experience, Teryll Leper – Senior Project Planner, Cr Lesley Immink

                                                      Manawa Energy Ltd: Ryan Piddington – Environmental and Regulatory Services Manager, Lisa Mead – Senior Environmental Advisor, Brigette Horgan - Community and Communications Advisor, Abi Collins - Environmental Advisor, Annie Tangata; Southern Generation Partnership Ltd/Pioneer Energy: Craig Rowe - Regional Manager (Contracting North), Peter Mulvihill - Consultant

Ngā Hōnea

Apologies:                  Cr Toi Kai Rākau Iti (Bay of Plenty Regional Council)

Terewai Kalman (Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Manawa)

Cr Tangonui Kingi (Alternate, Taupō District Council)


1.     Karakia Whakatuwhera
Opening Karakia

Provided by Ngapera Rangiaho.

2.     Ngā Hōnea


That the Rangitāiki River Forum:

1          Accepts the apologies from Cr John Williamson (early departure), Cr Tangonui Kingi, Terewai Kalman and Cr Toi Kai Rākau Iti for absence tendered at the meeting.



3.     Whakapuakanga o Ngā Take Whai Taha-Rua
Declaration of Conflicts of Interest

None declared.

4.     Ngā Meneti

Kia Whakaūngia Ngā Meneti
Minutes to be Confirmed


Rangitāiki River Forum Minutes - 3 December 2021



That the Rangitāiki River Forum:

1          Confirms the Rangitāiki River Forum Minutes - 3 December 2021 as a true and correct record.



5.     Whakahoutanga Kōrero
Verbal Updates


Forum Members' Verbal Updates


Cr John Williamson – Taupo

·       An update on the Taupō District Plan draft Strategic Directions chapter was still a work in progress and would be circulated at a future time by Hilary Samuel, Senior Policy Advisor.


No further updates were provided.




Manawa Energy Ltd (previously Trustpower Ltd) - Update on Reconsenting Projects and Matahina Upstream Eel Passage Project

Presentation - Matahina Elver Passage and Wheao Reconsents Update - March 2022: Objective ID A4048972  

Presented by: Ryan Piddington, Environmental & Regulatory Services Manager and Lisa Mead, Senior Environmental Advisor


Key Points:

·       2022 Matahina elver trap and transfer programme:

o   Upstream elver transfer to date was approximately 1.5 million.

o   51,887 (3.5%) were identified as longfin tuna.

o   Current trend in recent years was moving up.

·       Matahina elver elevator project

o   Activity this year had focused on the in-river section of the elevator.

o   Project to date had gone well however, fabrication delays had delayed the in-river elevator trial in time for this year’s migration season.

o   An in-house trial had identified where further refinements could be made and how elver and native fish were navigating through the system.

o   An updated timeline anticipated the ladder system installation in April/May 2022, ready for the October 2022/February 2023 migration period.

o   Depending on the success of the in-river trial, next steps would be to install the elevator system in May/July 2023 in time to trial the full system in the next migration season in October 2023/February 2024.

·       Wheao reconsent update

o   Outlined the proposal, timeline and approach for the reconsent process.

o   Data collection/analysis would be shared with mana whenua in April-May 2022 for feedback.

o   Early discussions had begun with Ngāti Whare and Ngāti Manawa on starting the cultural impact assessments (CIAs) process in April/May.

o   Noted flexibility around the timing for lodgement of consent, pending completion of the CIAs.

o   Manawa Energy were looking forward to co-constructing solutions with mana whenua.

o   Outlined the environmental assessments that were being undertaken.

o   Noted aquatic data collection had identified the presence of long and short fin tuna and elver in the Rangitaiki above the Wheao confluence, which may not have been present historically before the trap and transfer programme.

In Response to Questions:

·       Trapping of native fish species would be identified as part of the data collection.

·       Ngāti Manawa were looking to engage a consultant to undertake the CIAs for the Wheao reconsent process, which Manawa Energy were happy to resource.

Key Points - Staff:

·       Maxeen Newton advised that Ngāti Manawa were in the process of working through the process of engaging a consultant to undertake the CIAs however, were prioritising implementing their Covid community recovery plan and tuna heke.


Items for Follow Up:

·       Requested information on longfin tuna trends being consistent with past years.



That the Rangitāiki River Forum:

1          Receives the presentation, Update on Reconsenting Projects and Matahina Upstream Eel Passage Project.




10:25 am - Cr John Williamson withdrew from the meeting.



Southern Generation Limited Partnership - Planned Sediment and Small Island Removal in the Rangitāiki River and the Upper Delta Areas of Lake Aniwaniwa

Presented by: Craig Rowe, Regional Manager Contracting North, Southern Generation Limited Partnership/Pioneer Energy and Peter Mulvihill, Consultant


Key Points:

·       Provided background on flooding issues that had impacted farmers upstream of Lake Aniwaniwa and caused damage to the Kopuriki Road.

·       Proposed work was planned downstream of the bridge to: improve drainage/flood protection upstream of the bridge, protect the bridge as a roading asset, prevent further infill of shallow wetlands on the south western shore of Lake Aniwaniwa, and maintain the lake as an open water area and live storage for hydro-generation.

·       After investigating existing options for consent and gravel removal, a separate application for resource consent was being prepared to extract approximately 30,000 cubic metres about 600 metres downstream from the Kopuriki Bridge.

·       After exploring the three options provided by the Opus report, the preferred option was to remove a 15 metre wide channel on the true right bank, along with the removal of some islands within the delta.

·       Material would be placed on the bank, with methodology, logistics and options for using the gravel elsewhere being considered.

·       Avoiding impacts to tuna migration and environmental/aquatic life had been discussed with Maurice Toitoi (Cultural Advisor for Ngati Manawa) and a protocol for a Ngāti Manawa cultural monitor was being worked through.

·       Timing of the work was anticipated to take place after the April/May 2022 tuna migration season or next summer, depending on progress made with the consent application.

·       Monitoring the impacts after gravel extraction and any ongoing mitigation would need to be reviewed and considered.

In Response to Questions:

·       Interested in exploring market viability for gravel, however noted the primary goal was to improve flooding impacts.

·       Would be keen to explore alternative long-term sustainable solutions to the flooding and sedimentation impacts, noting the first step would be to find out what the effects would be from this work.

10:48am - Cr John Williamson entered the meeting.

Key Points - Members:

·       Requested Southern Generation, Kokopū Trust and Ngāti Manawa to discuss the protection of tuna downstream of the Aniwhenua Dam.

Key Points - Staff:

·       Maxeen Newton (Pou Taiao, Te Runanga o Ngāti Manawa) provided the following comments:

o   As mana whenua, Ngāti Manawa weren’t required to hold a trap and transfer permit like the hydro-electric stations.

o   Consultation in regard to the consent would need to be undertaken with
Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Manawa.

o   Ngāti Manawa did not view dredging as a long-term solution, however were working with Southern Generation to find solutions for the protection of tuna.



That the Rangitāiki River Forum:

1          Receives the Verbal Update from Southern Generation Limited Partnership.






Update on Co-Governance Secretariat

Presented by: Herewini Simpson, Kaihautu (Te Amorangi Lead)


Key Points:

·       Expressions of interest for tender of the co-governance secretariat role had been advertised over a six-week period.

·       Only one application was received, however, the recruitment panel were satisfied that the applicant met the skillset and criteria for the role.

·       In conjunction with the Rangitāiki River Forum and Te Maru o Kaituna River Authority Chairs, the applicant had been interviewed and Jane Waldon had been confirmed and successfully appointed to the role.

·       Final contract details were being worked through and onboarding anticipated in the coming week.

·       Jane would report directly to the co-governance Chairs.

·       Developing a work programme of interest to the Forum would be the initial focus of the role.

·       The role would have delegation to sub-contract and would be employed full-time in the first stages of establishment and adjust as time progressed.

Key Points - Members:

·       Very pleased with the appointment of Jane Waldon to the secretariat role and looked forward to her working alongside the Forum.



That the Rangitāiki River Forum:

1          Receives the Verbal Update on the Co-Governance Secretariat.



6.     Ngā Pūrongo

Ngā Whakatau e Hiahiatia Ana
Decisions Required


Membership Resignation and Appointment of a Deputy Chairperson

Key Points - Members:

·       With the endorsement of the Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Manawa Board, Karito Paul advised that Terewai Kalman agreed to be nominated for the appointment of the Deputy Chairperson.



That the Rangitāiki River Forum:

1          Receives the report, Membership Resignation and Appointment of a Deputy Chairperson.

2          Selects System B as the voting system for the election of a Deputy Chairperson.



A nomination to appoint Terewai Kalman as the Deputy Chairperson was received by Karito Paul and Mei Winitana seconded the nomination. No further nominations were received.

3          Elects Terewai Kalman as the Deputy Chairperson of the Rangitāiki River Forum.



Hei Pānui Anake
Information Only


November 2021 - February 2022 Rangitāiki Catchment Programme Dashboard Report

Presented by: Charles Harley, Team Leader Eastern Catchments

Key Points - Members:

·       Noted that six wallaby surveillance cameras had been stolen from the Matahina Forest along the west bank of the Rangitāiki river.

·       Tu O’Brien provided an update on progress made towards the installation of ablution facilities on the eastern side of the Thornton river mouth:

o   The submission made to the Whakatāne District Council (WDC) Long Term Plan had not been received in time to be considered for LTP funding, however WDC were very supportive of the submission.

o   Georgina Fletcher, WDC’s General Manager Community Experience was assisting to find other funding sources.

o   The Rangitāiki Community Board had also conveyed their support.

o   An application to Trustpower - Rangitāiki River Environmental Fund Trust[1] had been unsuccessful, as it did not meet the funding criteria.

Key Points - Staff:

Georgina Fletcher (WDC General Manager Community Experience) provided an update on amenity matters at the Thornton Reserve and river mouth:

·       A letter of application was being prepared to seek funding from the Lions Foundation for a self-contained dry vault toilet on the eastern side of the river mouth. Waste would be collected, therefore eliminating any discharge to the environment.

·       Letters of support had been provided by the Forum Chair on the Forum’s behalf and from the Rangitāiki Community Board.

·       In regard to CCTV security cameras at Thornton reserve, WDC would not be proceeding with installation at this time, due to connectivity and technical interfacing difficulties with the NZ Police. To help alleviate the issues being experienced, the police had increased their presence over the summer period, which had improved behaviour in the reserve. The assistance of members of the community to report issues would also help to manage behaviour in the area.



That the Rangitāiki River Forum:

1          Receives the report, November 2021 - February 2022 Rangitāiki Catchment Programme Dashboard Report.





Essential Freshwater Policy Programme 2022

Presentation - EFPP Update and Visions: Objective ID A4059405   

Presented by: Gemma Moleta, Senior Policy Planner

Key Points:

·       Central Government had made changes to the National Environmental Standards for Drinking Water (NESDW), which would need to be incorporated into the Essential Freshwater Policy Programme (EFPP).

·       Provided a recap from the Forum’s previous meeting regarding the example vision that had been developed for the Rangitāiki, which reflected the vision and themes from Te Ara Whānui o Rangitāiki.

·       Since the last Forum meeting, a letter had been sent to Iwi contacts to comment on the working draft vision option, with significant interest received from across the region.

·       Insights and feedback from community on freshwater values via the online engagement tool, Participate BOP had provided five new contributions within the Rangitaiki covering: ecosystem health, human contact, fishing and mahinga kai, with general satisfaction noted for the current state.

·       Staff were working on environmental outcomes for the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management (NPSFM) values and using iwi management plans, community groups and catchment strategies, online feedback and NPS bottom lines as a starting point.

·       Outlined the timeline for the EFPP and early ‘without prejudice’ feedback that was being sought prior to preparing draft policy.

·       Next steps: online engagement in late April.

·       Noted the informal hui scheduled after the Forum meeting with Forum Iwi members and wider Iwi representatives to discuss vision setting for the Rangitāiki river.

Key Points - Members:

·       Submissions on the NESDW closed on 6 March 2022. Iwi members may want to consider the implications for marae, papakainga and private bores and consider making a submission.



That the Rangitāiki River Forum:

1          Receives the report, Essential Freshwater Policy Programme 2022.



7.     Karakia Kati
Closing Karakia

Provided by Miro Araroa.

11:25am – the meeting closed.



Confirmed 3 June 2022                                                                                                                   

                                                                                                                                       Bronco Carson

Chairperson, Rangitāiki River Forum

[1] Refer correction, minute item 5.1 Rangitāiki River Forum minutes 3 June 2022