Tauranga Moana Advisory Group

Ngā Meneti

Open Minutes

Commencing:               Friday 11 June 2021, 09.30 am

Venue:                           Council Chambers, Regional House, 1 Elizabeth Street, Tauranga


Chairperson:                 Cr Matemoana McDonald Bay of Plenty Regional Council Toi Moana (BOPRC)

Heamana Tuarua

Deputy Chairperson:   Charlie Tawhiao Ngāi Te Rangi

Ngā Kopounga

Members:                      Tauranga City Council (TCC): Commissioner Shadrach Rolleston

Ngāti Pūkenga: Keepa Smallman

Ngāti Ranginui: Te Pio Kawe (Via Zoom)

Ngāi Te Rangi: Pia Bennett

Western Bay of Plenty District Council (WBOPDC): Cr Mark Dean and Cr Grant Dally

BOPRC: Cr Norm Bruning; Cr Stacey Rose; Cr Paula Thompson and Cr Jane Nees


Observer:                      Jeff Milham - Department of Conservation (DOC)


In Attendance:             BOPRC: Chris Ingle – General Manager, Integrated Catchments; Russell Knutson – Team Leader Western Catchments; Clarke Koopu – Senior Advisor (Treaty); Braden Rowson – Land Management Officer (Tauranga) and Merinda Pansegrouw – Committee Advisor

TCC: Radleigh Cairns - Environmental Programme Leader Infrastructure

WBOPDC: Peter Watson - Manager, Reserves & Facilities, Chris Nepia - Maori Land Officer 

Other:                           Paul Beverley - Partner Buddle Findlay (Via Zoom); Caine Taiapa - General Manager, Cultural and Environmental Research Manaaki Te Awanui

Ngā Hōnea

Apologies:                    Commissioner Bill Wasley


1.     Karakia Whakatuwhera
Opening Prayer

Karakia was provided by Chris Nepia.

2.     Whakaaturanga


Whareroa Marae Update

Paul Beverley, Partner Buddle Findlay, provided an overview of progress made with the development of the Whareroa Marae scoping/issues report.


Key Points:

·      Reminded members of the background to the matter and acknowledged the support and clear direction provided by the Councils

·      Recognised the significance of the matter

·      Alongside Phil Mitchell were working closely with Whareroa whānau.  Had undertaken a number of hui to ensure a well-defined understanding of the issues and challenges faced by Whareroa Marae

·      Pointed out that conversations with marae whānau were confidential

·      The plan was to develop an independent report on how a managed retreat could be implemented. However, the current thinking was that numerous parallel processes should be considered, as these could impact the process

·      Acknowledged that the challenges were ongoing and that the process would be time consuming.

9:45 am – Councillor Grant Daly and Keepa Smallman entered the meeting.

Key Points Members:

·      Expressed the view that there was an indirect relationship between the Whareroa Marae managed retreat and the Treaty of Waitangi Tribunal Claims. There was however no direct link with what was currently being offered by the Crown as redress

·      Noted that the blocking of the view from Whareroa Marae to Mauao as a taonga was a significant issue that had been extensively elaborated on in a recent research paper.  The research paper was recommended as useful reading:


3.     Ngā Hōnea


That the Tauranga Moana Advisory Group:

1         Accepts an apology from Commissioner Bill Wasley tendered at the meeting.



4.     Raupapa o Ngā Take
Order of Business

Chairperson Matemoana McDonald advised that item 11.1 “A new care Plan for Mauao and Strategy for the Mauao Trust (An overview of He Korowai Ariki a Mauao 2021-2031)” would be deferred to the next meeting scheduled for 17 September 2021 to allow for consultation with affected parties.

5.     Whakapuakanga o Ngā Take Whai Taha-Rua
Declaration of Conflicts of Interest

None advised.

6.     Ngā Meneti

Kia Whakaūngia Ngā Meneti
Minutes to be Confirmed


Tauranga Moana Advisory Group Minutes - 11 December 2020

Matters Arising

Minute Item 6.3 “Ngā Potiki Membership Request”

·        Chairperson Matemoana McDonald advised that Ngā Potiki’s request for membership of Tauranga Moana Advisory Group (TMAG) was declined in order to maintain the status quo as Tauranga Moana Treaty Settlements were ongoing.  An invitation to attend TMAG meetings as observers had been extended to Ngā Potiki representatives.


Minute Item 7.1 “Te Maru o Kaituna River Document Presentation”

·        Noted that members had suggested that consideration be given to having a symposium in the Bay of Plenty, involving all co-governance forums to provide guidance/key learnings to others: evaluating the benefits of co-governance structures, considering the key dynamics of working together, inter-relationships between iwi/councils as a resource to help others. Enquired if this would still be a possibility. Noted that this was a work in progress.




Items for Staff Follow Up:

·      Staff to investigate the development of a Story Board Project (“telling stories of environmental and cultural matters/significance to our communities”) and report back to TMAG on potential cultural and environmental stories for Tauranga Moana

·      Consideration be given to having a symposium in the Bay of Plenty, involving all co-governance forums to provide guidance/key learnings to others.



That the Tauranga Moana Advisory Group:

1         Confirms the Tauranga Moana Advisory Group Minutes - 11 December 2020 as a true and correct record.



7.     Ngā Whakamārama a Ngā Rōpu
Update from Partners

7.1     Ngāi Te Rangi

Ngāi Te Rangi Representative Charlie Tawhiao provided the following verbal update:

Key Points:

·      Progress made to date with the Deed Settlement for Tauranga Moana Iwi Collective/Hauraki Settlement overlapping claims

·      Tauranga Moana and Hauraki kaumātua had commenced mahi on working towards mending the relationships between iwi groups

·      Constructive kōrero had taken place; the focus had mainly been on the strengthening of relationships

·      Was in the process of establishing who else would be claiming mana whenua status in Tauranga Moana

·      The next hui between Tauranga Moana and Hauraki kaumātua would be hosted by Hauraki – date still to be confirmed.

7.2     Ngāti Ranginui

Ngāti Ranginui Representative Te Pio Kawe provided the following verbal update:

Key Points:

·      Endorsed the update on progress made with the Deed Settlement for Tauranga Moana Iwi Collective as provided by Charlie Tawhiao

·      Provided an update on the Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Act 2011

o  Under the Takutai Moana Act whānau, hapū and iwi were able to apply for Protected Customary Rights/Customary Marine Title through either a High Court or direct Crown Engagement pathway. Applications had closed April 2017

o  Both Ngāti Ranginui and Ngāi Te Rangi had been involved in providing evidence in the application by Ngā Potiki. Currently awaiting an outcome to be delivered by September 2021.

7.3     Ngāti Pūkenga

Ngāti Pūkenga representative Keepa Smallman provided the following verbal update to the rūnanga:

Key Points:

·      Highlighted the progress that had been made with land development at Te Kapua Orchard in Welcome Bay

·      Was significant for Ngāti Pūkenga whānau – as it would increase the profitability of Te Tāwharau o Ngāti Pūkenga Charitable Trust and optimise the value of the land. The project would also create employment opportunities, provide cadetships, and restore the wetlands by eradicating pest plants and nurturing native wildlife

·      Engaged in ongoing hui with BOPRC Staff regarding the project.

10:15 am - Cr Rose withdrew from the meeting.

7.4     Western Bay of Plenty District Council

Manager, Reserves & Facilities Peter Watson and Maori Land Officer Chris Nepia, provided a verbal update, highlighting the following:

Key Points:

·      Progress made with delivery of marae wastewater projects (Tawhitinui Marae/ Kutaroa Marae/Te Rangihouhiri Marae)

·      WBOPDC had also allocated further funding to assist Makahae Marae with wastewater infrastructure; with several others to follow.  Next steps involved obtaining landowner consents. A full report on the mahi would be completed

·      Recently completed the 2021–2031 Long Term Plan Consultation/Deliberations process, with adoption planned for 29 June 2021

·      The Harbour Margins Project was ongoing – funding for the next 10 years had been allocated

·      Council recently acquired 109 Clark Road in Te Puna; was considering the development of reserve land/wetlands in the area

·      The Community Match Fund applications closed recently. This included an environmental fund for projects benefiting the natural environment which offered a pool of $40,000

·      Katikati Walkway - installation of new bridge had been completed. The existing old culvert had been eroded by daily tidal water and a bridge was seen as a more suitable replacement that would also enhance the area for users

·      Ōmokoroa Structure Plan Phase 3 - community engagement ongoing

·      Had received a submission from Opureora Marae for assistance with coastal erosion for which Council would provide the support required

Received a Long Term Plan application from Pukehinahina Charitable Trust for reserve development.

7.5     Tauranga City Council

Commissioner Shadrach Rolleston and TCC Environmental Programme Leader Infrastructure Radleigh Cairns highlighted TCC key work streams as follows:

Key Points:

·      Commissioners at TCC were currently conducting the 2021–2031 Long Term Plan Hearings

·      The Waiāri Water Supply Scheme Treatment Plant was tracking well; on time and within budget

·      Future of Three Waters consultations/workshops ongoing with tangata whenua to ensure iwi/hapū were informed

·      Working in a collective arrangement with other territorial local authorities to understand what opportunities and challenges may exist. The timeline published by central government indicated that milestone announcements would be made in June/July on the number of water entities across Aotearoa, their geographic boundaries as well as possible transitioning arrangements that may be considered

·      Record low stream levels meant that water restrictions still applied within Tauranga. The recent rain had done little to restore flow levels - restrictions remained necessary. TCC continued to collaborate with BOPRC on assessing the impacts of water levels on source water supplies

·      Work on the upgrade to the landward section of the Te Maunga Wastewater Treatment Plant outfall pipeline was about to begin. The project was placing a new 1200mm pipeline alongside the existing 600mm pipeline from the Outfall pump station to just prior to Maranui Street. This was the first stage in replacing the outfall pipeline which was in poor condition

·      A working group with both TCC staff and Matapihi community representation was being set up as a result of the community hui and Matapihi wastewater overflow that occurred in April. The group would work through options for improvements that came out of the investigations into the causes of the overflow as well as options for mitigating odour issues from the air valves opposite the kura on Matapihi Road

·      The Tauriko Industrial Pollution Prevention Audit project had recently been completed. Staff audited over 100 sites for potential impacts on the surrounding environment from stormwater and air discharges. Final recommendations would be sent to businesses and a final report prepared for follow-up on those recommendations

·      Futureproofing Cameron Road Stage One Project - was nearing detailed design completion. This would include a number of stormwater treatment options to reduce the impact of one of the city’s busiest roads on the quality of stormwater discharging to the harbour. Main construction was due to begin in September 2021

·      Feedback on progress with the Ōmokoroa to Tauranga Cycleway would be provided at the next meeting.  Advised that consultation with iwi/hapū on access matters on the eastern side of SH2 were currently taking place.

7.6     Bay of Plenty Regional Council

Cr Norm Bruning outlined BOPRC priorities as follows:

Key Points:

·      Council had completed deliberations on its Long Term Plan (LTP) which was to be formally adopted on 24th June

·      The budgets in the new LTP included funding to work on restoring harbour margin wetlands over coming years

·      Focus catchments work continued to progress well

·      Council’s contribution to the joint BOPRC, Waikato Regional Council and DOC funding of the Manaaki Kaimai Mamaku Pest Control Project would continue under the new LTP

·      Environmental Scientist Dr Josie Crawshaw was working on ecological assessments for Tauranga Harbour, to support the NPS-FM limit setting process. These involved assessments of ecological health. Josie, with the support of the Maori Policy team, planned to work with iwi/hapū to develop cultural health indicators, to be included in future State of Environment reports for the harbour

o  Other elements of this science work included:

§   Establishing historical sedimentation rates in Tauranga Harbour (due July 2021)

§   Tauranga Harbour nutrient modelling (due July 2022)

·      Parts of the region were in long term soil moisture deficit and while small rain events and the winter months (with lower temperatures and higher soil moisture contents) provided some immediate respite, it was not solving the underlying lack of rain over the longer term

·      Currently at around 80% of long-term normal rainfall for 2021 and this followed two preceding years of deficits from normal.

Key Points Members:

·      In referring to the Wairoa River and other awa in the region, enquired who Council liaised with in the event a rāhui was required to address contaminated/dirty water to prevent potential illnesses.  Noted that the responsibility vested with the District Health Board.  Acknowledged that further conversation with the relevant marae would be beneficial.


Item for Staff Follow Up:

·      Coastal Catchments Manager to liaise with Ngāti Pūkenga representative Keepa Smallman regarding concerns relating to potential health issues in the event of dirty awa and possible mitigating actions, such as a rāhui, if required.

8.     Ngā Whakamārama Te Papa Atawhai
Conservation Update

8.1     Department of Conservation

Department of Conservation District Manager Jeff Milham provided a verbal update, outlining the following:

Key Points:

·      Jobs for Nature/Mahi mō te Taiao project progressing

·      Main focus was the Kaimai–Mamaku Ranges Forest Restoration - forest restoration project involving a partnership between DOC, iwi/hapū, BOPRC and Waikato Regional Council, and community conservation groups/organisations such as Forest and Bird across the Bay of Plenty

·      Recruitment was ongoing

·      Mahi on Kauri Protection/ambassador liaison was continuing

·      Jobs for Nature Community Conservation Fund was a one-off fund of $16 million available for practical projects aimed at restoring New Zealand's indigenous biodiversity. Applications closed in February and applicants would be notified of the funding decisions in due course

·      The 2021 Budget did not provide as much for Jobs for Nature/Mahi mō te Taiao as the 2020 Budget.  However, Kauri Protection did receive additional funding.

11:05 am - The meeting  adjourned.

11:30 am - The meeting  reconvened.

11:30 am – Cr Rose entered the meeting.


A new care Plan for Mauao and Strategy for Mauao Trust (An overview of He Korowai Ariki a Mauao 2021 - 2031)


Item for Staff Follow Up:

·      Item deferred to the next meeting of TMAG scheduled for 17 September 2021.



Asian Paddle Crab Update

Presentation - Caine Taiapa - Papaka Monitoring Update Asian Paddle Crab: Objective ID A3823778  

Caine Taiapa General Manager of cultural and environmental research at Manaaki Te Awanui, a Māori Environmental Research Group based in Tauranga Moana, provided an update on action taken to remove the invasive Asian Paddle Crab:


Key Points:

·      Asian Paddle Crab was a marine biosecurity issue – an aggressive non-native crab that could spread devastating disease to prawns, crabs and lobsters

·      Collective action was required

·      In collaboration with hapū kaitiaki and Manaaki Te Awanui (MTA), the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) sought to grow the relationship with tangata whenua in Tauranga Moana, and to better understand the lived experience of kaitiaki working with non-native species was

·      Sought to understand how to collaborate with and support whānau to be involved on their own terms in the future and what larger scale contexts might be shared to better enable kaitiaki to influence marine biosecurity moving forward

·      Presented a chance for all hapū kaitiaki and other whānau interested in sharing and learning what Aotearoa did to protect the moana to come together and kōrero 

·      Outlined timeline of key mahi completed by whānau in collaboration with MTA and NIWA for the kaupapa over the past four years

·      Game Plan to address the problem:

o  Tangata Kaitiaki: network, support systems, resourcing

o  Tools: content management system, planning, data capture, adult and juvenile traps

o  Monitoring: Asian Paddle Crab adult and juvenile trapping using maramataka

o  Outreach: Tangata kaitiaki and kura, communications portal, partners

·      The kaupapa, and pāpaka project in particular, enabled the bringing together of hapū from around the Tāhuna o Rangataua, and across Tauranga Moana. The wānanga and activities had travelled to many different marae and wāhi, which meant that each of the hapū, kaitiaki, whānau and marae were able to contribute their unique kōrero, experiences and knowledge to the kaupapa

·      Further information and videos were available at: https://spark.adobe.com/page/P7C6asxOH2GO9/ or https://www.facebook.com/manaakiteawanui01/

9.     Whakahoutanga Kōrero
Verbal Updates


Marine and Coastal Area Act (MACAA) Update

Tabled Document 1 - Marine and Coastal Area Act Update to TMAG: Objective ID A3834164  

BOPRC Toi Moana General Manager, Integrated Catchments Chris Ingle presented the report.

Key Point - Members:

·      The “Edwards Application” was Whakatōhea and the “Reeder Application” was Ngā Potiki.




That the Tauranga Moana Advisory Group:

1.    Receives the report, “Marine and Coastal Area Act (MACAA) Update”.



10.   Ngā Pūrongo

Ngā Whakatau e Hiahiatia Ana
Decisions Required


Tauranga Moana Advisory Group - 2021 Agenda Planner

Tabled Document 2 - He Pou a Rangi/Climate Change Commission - Key recommendations: Objective ID A3834463  

BOPRC Toi Moana General Manager, Integrated Catchments Chris Ingle presented the report.

Key Points:

·      The draft 2021 Agenda Planner for TMAG for June to December 2021 was presented to the Advisory Group for comment and feedback. The planner was flexible and input was welcome

·      Referred to “He Pou a Rangi/Climate Change Commission - Key recommendations”, a document which was circulated to members under separate cover. It provided a summary of the Climate Change Commission’s (CCC) final advice released earlier this week, laying out a roadmap for New Zealand to reduce its emissions and become carbon neutral by 2050.  Input/comment from iwi partners was invited.

Key Point - Members:

·      Climate Change Iwi Leaders Group Chair Mike Smith planned a series of hui to help communities understand how it would affect them personally. The next meeting was scheduled for Wednesday, 16 June 2021 at Hairini Marae.

12:25 am - Mr Kawe withdrew from the meeting.


Item for Staff Follow Up:

·      Climate Change to be added to the 2021 TMAG agenda planner.



That the Tauranga Moana Advisory Group:

1         Receives the report, Tauranga Moana Advisory Group - 2021 Agenda Planner; and

2         Notes the planned activities for the Tauranga Moana Advisory Group for 2021.




Hei Pānui Anake
Information Only


Tauranga Moana Coastal Margins Project

Presentation - Tauranga Moana Coastal Wetlands Project - 11 June 2021: Objective ID A3823785  

BOPRC Toi Moana Land Management Officer (Tauranga) Braden Rowson presented the report.

Key Points:

·      The report provided an overview of an initiative to create, restore and protect coastal wetlands, particularly around Tauranga Moana

·      An integral component of the planning and implementation for the project was incorporation of Matauranga Māori. This kaupapa would give effect to aspects of Tauranga Moana Iwi Management Plan 2016-2026

·      It was estimated that there were up to 1,000 hectares of drained coastal wetlands around Tauranga Moana

·      Toi Moana’s draft Long Term Plan 2021-2031 included resourcing for this kaupapa which was subject to formal adoption of the Plan, later this month

·      Highlighted the biodiversity gains

·      Recognition and enhancement of cultural values – was an opportunity for incorporation of Matauranga Māori and potential for tangata whenua partnership in respect of planning and implementation

·      Staff commenced a process to engage directly with hapū/iwi to help identify priorities within the 1,000 hectares identified as potentially appropriate for works under the programme

·      Guidance sought:

o  Noting that staff had commenced an engagement process with tangata whenua, did the Forum have feedback or suggestions regarding the approach

o  Whether other members of the Forum, WBOPDC and TCC, had a desire to specifically engage in the planning and implementation of the kaupapa.

12:38 am - Cr Nees withdrew from the meeting.

Key Points - Members:

·      Noted that a draft map of possible wetland sites had been developed.  However, since several sites were primarily in private ownership, this was still subject to consultation and therefore not public information as yet

·      Noted an overlap with current developments in Ōmokoroa and a possible opportunity to partner; suggested liaison with WBOPDC staff

·      Pointed out that several of the wetland sites identified for restoration/development were previously in Māori ownership and could be seen as a contribution made by iwi/hapū/whānau Māori to improve water quality and contribute to the environment

·      Emphasised the critical importance of engaging with the correct iwi/hapū/appropriate partners/landowners at all tiers/layers of affected parties. Reminded that Te Hononga Regional Māori Engagement Plan for the implementation of NPSFM (2020) was a guiding document to ensure the correct consultation process would be applied at each tier/level.  Close liaison with the Māori Policy Team to achieve synergy in consultation processes/partnerships was imperative

·      Noted that compensation could be considered

·      Reminded that central government had recently paused the process of identifying Significant Natural Areas (SNA) as part of its national roll-out plan to protect biodiversity

·      Suggested that it would be useful to have a diagram of the complete operating environment impacting on the Tauranga Moana catchment.  (A picture would provide a better understanding of the current complex space; this would assist TMAG to understand its purpose/role and synergies with other groups/committees)

·      Recent court decisions had contributed to an understanding that mana whenua was a real concept.  This had added to the reality of a sovereign existence for iwi/hapū; it was the direction in which society was heading.



That the Tauranga Moana Advisory Group:

1         Receives the report, “Tauranga Moana Coastal Margins Project”.





Port of Tauranga Update to Tauranga Moana Advisory Group

BOPRC Toi Moana General Manager, Integrated Catchments Chris Ingle presented the report and it was taken as read.



That the Tauranga Moana Advisory Group:

1.      Receives the Report “Port of Tauranga Update to Tauranga Moana Advisory Group” dated 31 May 2021.



11.   Rā Hui Whai Ake: 17 September 2021
Next Meeting Date: 17 September 2021

12.   Karakia Kati
Closing Prayer

Karakia kati was provided by Keepa Smallman.

1:21 pm – the meeting closed.



Confirmed 17 September 2021                                                                                

                                                                                                 Cr Matemoana McDonald

Chairperson, Tauranga Moana Advisory Group