Komiti Māori

Ngā Meneti

Open Minutes

Commencing:             Thursday 24 June 2021 at 12:32 pm

Venue:                         Council Chambers, Regional House, 1 Elizabeth Street, Tauranga


Chairperson:               Cr Matemoana McDonald

Heamana Tuarua

Deputy Chairperson:  Cr Toi Kai Rākau Iti

Ngā Kopounga

Members:                    Cr Norm Bruning

Cr Bill Clark

Chairman Doug Leeder

Cr David Love

Cr Jane Nees

Cr Stacey Rose

Cr Paula Thompson

Cr Lyall Thurston

Cr Andrew von Dadelszen

Cr Te Taru White

Cr Kevin Winters

In Attendance:            Bay of Plenty Regional Council: Kataraina O’Brien – Te Kotahitanga Strategic Engagement Manager, Namouta Poutasi – General Manager Strategy & Science, Fiona McTavish – Chief Executive, Chris Ingle – General Manager Integrated Catchments, Herewini Simpson, Clarke Koopu – Senior Advisors (Treaty), Nathan Capper – Pou Ngaio (Technical/Cultural), Gina Mohi – Pūtaiao Mātauranga, Stephen Lamb – Environmental Strategy Manager, Ashleigh Grant – Kaikarere Communications Partner, Shari Kameta – Committee Advisor

Externals: Maru Tapsell, Whareoteriri Rahiri – Te Kapu o Waitaha

Ngā Hōnea

Apologies:                  Cr Stuart Crosby


The Committee Chair advised that the public section of the meeting was being recorded and would be made available on Bay of Plenty Regional Council’s website – refer link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNnU-tRvV_8.

1.     Opening Prayer
Karakia Whakatuwhera

A karakia was provided by Cr Te Taru White.

Cr Toi Iti provided a mihi of welcome to Te Kapu o Waitaha kaumātua/representatives who were in attendance at the meeting.

2.     Public Forum
Wāhanga Tūmatanui


Te Kapu o Waitaha

Tabled Document 1 - BOPRC-Waitaha Working Relationship Document August 2018: Objective ID A3862549

Tabled Document 2 - Written Statement of Mr Whareoteriri Rahiri on behalf of Te Kapu o Waitaha: Objective ID A3862551  


Mr Whareoteriri Rahiri and Mr Maru Tapsell presented on behalf of Te Kapu o Waitaha in relation to two matters of concern:

·       The naming of Te Rae o Pāpāmoa - Pāpāmoa Hills Regional Park; and

·       Appropriate recognition by BOPRC of Waitaha’s Deed of Settlement (DOS).

Key Points:

·       Provided historical background on the naming of Te Rae o Pāpāmoa – Pāpāmoa Hills Regional Park, including other sites of significance within the Pāpāmoa area through to Te Otanewainuku.

·       Noted the delay in the tikanga process that was currently being led by
Te Uepu for the naming of Te Rae o Pāpāmoa.

·       Drew attention to the Waitaha Treaty Settlement which includes specific provision to support a relationship between Waitaha and BOPRC.

·       Waitaha tabled a relationship document for this purpose, incorporating protection principles of Te Whakairinga Kōrero, deed of recognition and statutory acknowledgements as outlined within the Waitaha Claims Settlement Act 2013 (refer Tabled Document 1 and 2).

·       Emphasised the importance of social capital and values that underpinned Waitaha’s Treaty Settlement documents and the need for relevant analysis.

Key Points - Members:

·       Acknowledged the information that had been provided and recognised the changing landscape which BOPRC would take due consideration.

·       Noted that the tikanga process being led through Te Uepu to resolve the naming of Te Rae o Pāpāmoa was still a work in progress, and that once
Te Uepu had made a decision, it would then be reported to Council for further consideration.


Items for Staff Follow Up:

·       Request further discussion with Waitaha to explore the relationship protocol/partnership, with a view to a more engaged role with Waitaha.

3.     Apologies
Ngā Hōnea


That the Komiti Māori:

1          Accepts the apology from Cr Stuart Crosby tendered at the meeting.



4.     Declaration of Conflicts of Interest
Whakapuakanga o Ngā Take Whai Taha-Rua

None declared.

5.     Minutes
Ngā Meneti

Minutes to be Confirmed
Kia Whakaūngia Ngā Meneti


Komiti Māori Minutes - 20 April 2021



That the Komiti Māori:

1          Confirms the Komiti Māori Minutes - 20 April 2021 as a true and correct record.



6.     Reports
Ngā Pūrongo

Decisions Required
Ngā Whakatau e Hiahiatia Ana


Chairperson's Report

Presented by:   Kataraina O’Brien – Kotahitanga Strategic Engagement Manager and
Cr Matemoana McDonald

Key Points:

·       Sought consideration from Komiti Māori to fly the national Māori Flag on a daily basis following the previous meeting request to investigate options.

·       BOPRC had been the first council to adopt a policy to fly the flag on Waitangi Day in 2011, which later extended to other days of significance.

·       Given the maturing landscape in Aotearoa New Zealand, and the increased focus on Partnerships with Maori as one of Council’s key strategic priorities, staff recommended the expansion of current practise, to fly the flag daily.

·       Noted as a point of interest that, Nelson City Council (following its decision to establish a Māori ward) had committed to fly the NZ Māori flag as a permanent fixture, cementing its place as the first local authority to do so.

·       Clarified under section 3.2 of the report (agenda page 21) that Te Uepu had moved from two separate entities (a cultural advisory group and a councillor working party) to a combined shared decision-making group.

Key Points - Members:

·       Māori councillors provided their perspectives of what the Māori flag represented:

o   The relationship and connection between Papatuānuku (Mother Earth), Ranginui (Sky Father/heavens), Te Ao Marama (the natural world) and all things in between, including all peoples and that nothing is separated.

o   Recognition of Council’s role and partnership with Māori under Te Tiriti o Waitangi and the intention to work alongside Māori.

·       Flying the NZ Māori flag had potential for polarising perceptions.

·       Supported Council providing leadership for embracing Te Ao Māori, and the importance of having appropriate communication around this.

·       In relation to the Opihi block development, noted the shift in culture for Māori on related issues from past to present times.

In Response to Questions:

·       Regarding the naming of Te Rae o Pāpāmoa – Pāpāmoa Hills Regional Park, the tikanga process was currently sitting with the four iwi groups for response to feedback to the next meeting of Te Uepu.

·       Until such time as an agreement had been reached by the iwi groups and Te Uepu, the current name for the regional park would remain.

1:43 pm – Cr Thurston withdrew from the meeting.

·       Principal Advisor Nassah Steed advised in regard to the Opihi block sub-division that background information did not confirm if past trustees of the land at Opihi were the same trustees for Opihi Whanaungakore urupa, and that Court findings in 2000 had determined that the 100 acre block was not considered to be wāhi tapu.



That the Komiti Māori:

1          Receives the report, Chairperson's Report.






That Komiti Māori recommends that the Strategy and Policy Committee:

1          Agrees to amend Council’s existing policy to fly the National Māori flag at Toi Moana Regional Council every day.



7.     Closing Prayer
Karakia Kati

A karakia was provided by Cr Te Taru White.

1:45 pm – the meeting closed.


Confirmed 17 August 2021                                                                                                           

                                                                                                                     Cr Matemoana McDonald

Chairperson, Komiti Māori