Rangitāiki River Forum

Ngā Meneti

Open Minutes

Commencing:             Friday 9 April 2021, 10:30 am

Venue:                         Mataatua Room, Bay of Plenty Regional Council Building, 5 Quay Street, Whakatāne


Chairperson:               Maramena Vercoe - Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Manawa

Ngā Kopounga

Members:                    Bay of Plenty Regional Council: Cr Bill Clark, Cr Kevin Winters, Cr Toi Kai Rākau Iti, Via Zoom - Cr Stacey Rose

                                                      Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Awa: Miro Araroa, Tuwhakairiora O’Brien - attendance in part

                                                      Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Manawa: Karito Paul - Alternate

Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Whare: Bronco Carson - Interim Member, Jose Miki - Alternate

Te Kotahitanga o Ngāti Tūwharetoa: Whakaeke Ritete

Tūhoe Te Uru Taumatua: Ngapera Rangiaho

Whakatāne District Council: Cr Alison Silcock, Cr Wilson James - Alternate

Te Hunga i Tae Ake

In Attendance:            Bay of Plenty Regional Council: Chris Ingle – General Manager Integrated Catchments, Mieke Kapa – Land Management Officer, Fiona Wood – Programme Coordinator Integrated Catchments, Laura Albrey – Communications Partner, Shari Kameta – Committee Advisor; Jane Nichols – Trustee Observer, Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Whare, Maxeen Newton – Pou Taiao, Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Manawa; Whakatāne District Council: Cr Lesley Immink, Teryll Leper; Sue Mavor – Taupō District Council, Hakahaka Hona, Crystle Hona, Heyden Johnston, Jen Spence – Trustpower Limited, Via Zoom –
Dr Eimear Egan, Siobhan Nuri – NIWA

Ngā Hōnea

Apologies:                  Tuwhakairiora O'Brien (Alternate) – Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Awa; Clifford Te Riini, Paora Hunia (Alternate) - Ngāti Tuwharetoa (BOP) Settlement Trust; Cr Kylie Leonard, Cr Anna Park (Alternate) - Taupo District Council; Ngatoru Wall (Alternate) - Te Kotahitanga o Ngati Tūwharetoa

1.     Karakia Whakatuwhera
Opening Karakia

A karakia was provided by Miro Araroa.

Mr Araroa provided a mihi of welcome to interim member Bronco Carson, Trustee observer Jane Nicholas and public forum speakers Mr Honahona Haka and Mr Heyden Johnston.

2.     Ngā Hōnea


That the Rangitāiki River Forum:

1          Accepts the apologies from: Tuwhakairiora O'Brien, Clifford Te Riini, Paora Hunia, Cr Kylie Leonard, Cr Anna Park, Ngatoru Wall, Cr Stacey Rose (early departure) and Cr Toi Kai Rākau Iti (late arrival) tendered at the meeting.



3.     Wāhanga Tūmatanui
Public Forum


Mr Hakahaka Hona - Revitalising waka ama on the Rangitāiki awa

Presentation - Waka Ama o Rangitaiki: Objective ID A3774932


Mr Hakahaka Hona, Chairman of the Waka Ama o Rangitāiki Club (Club) gave a presentation on the revitalisation of the Club on the Rangitāiki awa.

Key Points:

·       The Club was formed in 2003 and based at Thornton Domain and had been active until it dissolved in 2013. It reformed again in 2017 but was impacted by the 2017 Edgecumbe Floods.

·       Club aims were to: promote, enhance and maintain tikanga and cultural traditions and a healthy and positive lifestyle for hapū and community.

·       A new committee elected in 2020 wished to revitalise the Club. Part of its business plan was to reconnect its members and community with the awa, reo and waka mauri.

·       Edgecumbe Lions Club had approached the Club with an offer of support and advice was taken up to move the Club’s base to Edgecumbe.

·       Benefits of moving operations provided closer locality with the Edgecumbe and Te Teko communities, including Edgecumbe College rangatahi, and would enhance community connections, wellbeing, hinengaro (health) and wairua (spirit).

·       Discussions were underway to recommence Club activities in October 2021.

·       Acknowledged past and present support of various organisations who had supported the Club, including Sports Bay of Plenty, Omataroa Rangitāiki No.2 Trust, Bay of Plenty Regional Council and Edgecumbe College.

10:44 am – Cr Toi Iti entered the meeting.

·       Estimated costs of $100K would be required to restore Club operations.

·       Sought the Forum’s endorsement and support to revitalising the Club.

In Response to Questions:

·       Revitalising the river culture amongst whanau, hapū and iwi along the river was a key driver for the Club.

·       Noted future aspirations for river access points at Te Teko and Te Mahoe.

Key Points - Members:

·       Commended and supported the Club’s decision to move its operations to Edgecumbe, noting the social benefits it would bring to the community.

·       Acknowledged the Lions Club’s support of the Club and Rangitāiki River Festival.

·       Would like to see participation from Māori organisations and encouraged Forum partners to support the Club and Lions Club.

·       Sought communication and involvement with the Rangitāiki Hapū Coalition.

·       Would like to see waka ama extend further up the Rangitāiki awa.

·       The Chair signalled a future invitation to Mr Hona to collaborate further on this kaupapa.

·       Noted that the historical waka movements within the Rangitāiki Plains had been documented in a paper written by kaumātua Mr Waaka Vercoe.



Mr Heyden Johnston - Social and environmental concerns at the Rangitāiki River mouth


Key Points:

·       Thornton Domain at the Rangitāiki River mouth was a popular recreational resource for the community and numbers had grown considerably over the years.

·       Social behavioural issues at the Domain had increased over the past two years which included trail bikes in the reserve, speeding vehicles and criminal activity, which a large portion was occurring during the daytime.

·       Cleaning and disposal of fish waste into the awa in proximity of the wharf was also raised as a concern.

·       Concerns for safety had led to Ministry for Primary Industries officers and harbourmaster wardens being reluctant to carry out regular duties.

·       Mr Johnston had been working with Whakatāne District Council (WDC) and NZ Police on solutions to make the area a safer place for the community and had made a submission to WDC to seek funding and installation of security cameras.

·       Consequently, WDC were investigating options to improve the area to reduce undesirable activity, including options for security cameras.

·       NZ Police were providing some patrols to monitor the area which was having an impact.

·       Wished for all partner agencies to collaborate on the issues.

·       Sought the Forum’s support to assist and find solutions to alleviate the issues.

In Response to Questions:

·       The area had limited lighting at the wharf and the Police had advised that further lighting would significantly improve safety in the area.

·       Cameras would be used to provide data on visitor numbers. Road counters had been discussed, with no further decision made.

·       Signage on the wharf had been erected by Bay of Plenty Regional Council to discourage fish waste.

Key Points - Members:

·       Installation of road counters to gather data on visitor numbers would assist with decision making on resourcing and making improvements.

·       Lighting and CCTV cameras would have an immediate and positive impact.

·       Utilising the assistance of Māori wardens could alleviate social behaviour, as they were well respected in the community.

·       Issues had been raised at a previous Forum meeting in regard to providing toilet amenities on the eastern side of the river mouth.

·       The land on the eastern side of the river mouth belonged to the Department of Conservation.

·       Queried how tangata whenua were being involved in discussions.

·       Questioned whether configuration of the area needed to be reviewed to aid in reducing undesirable activity.

·       Wished Mr Johnston well on gaining the necessary funding from Whakatāne District Council to support the improvements that were required.

·       Acknowledged Mr Johnston’s father, the late George Johnston who had been a long standing and well respected member of the Forum.

4.     Whakapuakanga o Ngā Take Whai Taha-Rua
Declaration of Conflicts of Interest

Bronco Carson noted his interests as Chairman of CNI Iwi Holdings Ltd and a Director of Ngāti Whare Holdings Limited.

5.     Ngā Meneti

Kia Whakaūngia Ngā Meneti
Minutes to be Confirmed


Rangitāiki River Forum Minutes - 4 December 2020



That the Rangitāiki River Forum:

1          Confirms the Rangitāiki River Forum Minutes - 4 December 2020 as a true and correct record, subject to the following amendments:

(a)   Minute Item 9.3, Forum Members Verbal Update – minor amendment to insert partner member organisation details that are missing on page 16 of the agenda; and remove typo errors - Te Rūnanga on Ngāti Manawa on page 17 of the agenda.





Matters Arising

·         Minute Item 9.3 - Cr Clark sought further discussion in regard to his comment seeking consideration from Whakatāne District Council to improve the public amenities at Thornton Domain, and in support of Mr Johnston’s public forum address.

The Chair deferred the matter for discussion under General Business at the end of the meeting.

6.     Ngā Pūrongo

Ngā Whakatau e Hiahiatia Ana
Decisions Required


Chairperson's Report

Presented by:   Maramena Vercoe, Forum Chair

Cr Winters, Iti, Clark and Rose declared an interest in regard to the joint submission to the BOPRC’s Long Term Plan and advised they would abstain from discussion and voting on the matter.

Key Points:

·       The Forum’s endorsement was sought on the joint submission made to the
Bay of Plenty Regional Council’s Long Term Plan for funding a shared resource to support the Forum and Te Maru o Kaituna River Authority Chairs, and the co-governance foras’ future work programmes.

·       Highlighted the need for future consideration of a work programme for the Rangitāiki River that would:

o   Reflect Te Mana o Te Wai (TMOTW)

o   Respond to significant changes signalled by the Three Waters and NPS for Freshwater Management

o   Support kaitiaki and impacts on marae in regard to private water rights

o   Link in with whānau, hapū and iwi on how to connect with the hierarchy of how the environment is managed

o   Provide action on the enhancement of native tuna habitat, as referred to in s125 of the Ngāti Manawa Claims Settlement Act 2012.

o   Provide support for future hydro dam re-consenting

·       Funding for a shared resource would be pivotal to how management of these issues from co-governance level to management level would occur.

Key Points - Members:

·       Working collectively as a Forum on shared commonalities added strength and did not take away the individual rights of each iwi and hapū to take their own actions.

·       Significant legislative changes were ahead that would impact on TMOTW and the Rangitāiki awa and catchment that required the necessary support.

11:40 am – Cr Stacey Rose left the meeting.



That the Rangitāiki River Forum:

1          Receives the report, Chairperson's Report.

2          Endorse the submission made to the Bay of Plenty Regional Council’s Long Term Plan 2021-2031 (attached as Attachment 1).




Cr Winters, Cr Iti, Cr Clark and Miro Araroa abstained from voting.




Change in Membership and Appointment of a Deputy Chairperson

Presented by:   Maramena Vercoe, Forum Chair and Chris Ingle, General Manager Integrated Catchments

Key Points:

·       The Chair informed the meeting that Ngāti Whare members had advised that Ngāti Whare wished to fill the Deputy Chairperson position, however  the Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Whare Board needed further time to consider their representation on the Forum.

·       The Chair therefore sought that the appointment of a Deputy Chairperson be deferred until the next meeting of the Forum.

Key Points - Members:

·       Bronco Carson clarified that his membership on the Forum was an interim position, to enable the Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Whare Board to consider a more permanent arrangement and therefore consideration was sought from the Forum to accommodate the request.

11:45 am – Tu O’Brien entered the meeting.



That the Rangitāiki River Forum:

1          Receives the report, Change in Membership and Appointment of a Deputy Chairperson.

2          Confirms the appointment of Bronco Carson onto the Rangitāiki River Forum as the (interim) appointed member for Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Whare.



3          Defers the election of the Deputy Chair until the next meeting of the Rangitāiki River Forum.



Hei Pānui Anake
Information Only


Rangitaiki Catchment Programme November 2020 - January 2021 Dashboard Report

Presented by: Chris Ingle – General Manager Integrated Catchments

Key Points:

·       Science survey work in the Rangitāiki catchment had been delayed due to the new NPS for Freshwater Management and National Environment Standards regulations, but would continue with work next year.

·       Flood repairs were almost complete with the budget on track.

·       Wilding pine control had taken place above Matahina Dam, which had been supported by Provincial Growth Funding; and further long-term funding had been made available to continue this mahi.

·       Remediation on barriers to fish migration had been completed on over 50 structures to enhance fish passage.

·       Welcomed the Chair’s earlier comments during the Chairperson’s report regarding future transformation of the Rangitāiki River work programme.

Key Points - Members:

·       Noted a correction required to the Dashboard in regard to the Whakatāne District Council (WDC) - Lake Aniwaniwa update. Shared costs for installation of sails over the playground had been provided by WDC and Polly’s Playground Committee, not the Galatea Reserves Committee.

Action for Staff Follow-up:

·       Request a presentation on whitebait inanga survey by Alastair Suren at the Forum’s next meeting.

Further discussion on security and amenity matters at Thornton Domain/Rangitaiki River Mouth was deferred to the end of the meeting.



That the Rangitāiki River Forum:

1          Receives the report, Rangitaiki Catchment Programme November 2020 - January 2021 Dashboard Report.



7.     Whakaaturanga


Update on Glass Eel Research on the Rangitaiki Awa - March 2021

Presentation - Understanding longfin and shortfin glass eel migrations from the ocean into the Rangitāiki Awa: Objective ID A3781937   

Presented by: Dr Eimear Egan - Freshwater Fish Ecologist on behalf of Siobhan Nuri - MSc PhD Student, NIWA (Via Zoom)


Key Points:

·       Extended thanks to the Rangitāiki Hapū Coalition, the Forum and locals for support during the June-December 2020 season of the Glass Eel Research Project.

·       Study aims were to gather data on the marine life and ecology of glass eel tuna, including main migration periods, species composition, oceanic and river conditions, and environmental factors relating to migration numbers.

·       Key findings from the research so far had identified:

o   Majority of shortfin glass eel numbers into the Rangitāiki awa started in June, three months earlier than other parts of the country that began in September.

o   93% of all glass eels caught were shortfins (7% were longfins), with peak numbers caught in late July-early August.

o   Highest catches of short and longfin glass eels were during ocean temperatures between 14-15.5°C, decreasing in higher temperatures.

o   Higher catches were also made during maximum river flow discharges of 100,000 cumecs, identifying a migration trigger in relation to river flows.

·       Other achievements and activities undertaken by Siobhan included:

o   Completion of a number of outreach activities with Edgecumbe, Otakiri and Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Te Orini ki Ngāti Awa primary schools, with further outreach events planned later in 2021.

o   Presentation to the NZ Freshwater Sciences Society Conference in Waihopai, Invercargill in December 2020, where Siobhan had won an award for her presentation and contribution to conservation by Te Papa Atawhai, Department of Conservation. Thanks were extended to Larni Keylar, Hinerangi Eruera Murphy and Tu O’Brien for supporting Siobhan with conference preparation.

o   Transitioning from a Science Masters to a PhD. Once confirmed, Siobhan would share her thesis proposal with the Forum at a future meeting.

·       Future work on glass eel research would include a further three years of research study, including a 6-month intensive study to capture low flow migration variability within the awa, and 10-days of scheduled events.

·       Five lamprey (piharau) had been caught and identified in July-August 2020.

·       Lamprey were a nationally threatened vulnerable species according to Department of Conservation’s threat classification system.

·       According to the NPS-FM, Bay of Plenty Regional Council would have to map the habitats of threatened species in the awa/region, which would include lamprey.

In Response to Questions:

·       Lamprey were parasitic and only fed in the ocean attaching themselves to whales or larger fish species. Adults entered the river to reproduce. No further information was available on juveniles and lamprey ecology.

·       There was no monitoring of glass eels in New Zealand to provide comparisons on longfin tuna existing outside of the Rangitāiki awa.

·       Did not have any data on mortality rates for long or shortfin glass eels.

·       Glass eels buried themselves in sediment after entering the river and remained there until they transitioned to elvers, where there was potential for a percentage of predator and natural mortality to occur.

·       Seasonal whitebait catches during mid-August had the potential to catch glass eels, which could have an impact on numbers if whitebaiters were unaware and/or did not release them.

·       Did not have an indication on numbers of tuna heke out to sea however, noted that future changes in rainfall may have a potential impact.

Key Points - Members:

·       Ngāti Manawa trap and transfer operation at Lake Aniwaniwa had recorded low numbers, noting the biggest concern of lake lowering having an impact on the programme.



Bay of Plenty Regional Council Long Term Plan Consultation 2021-2031

Presentation - Toi Moana 2021-2031 Long Term Plan: Objective ID A3766835   

Presented by: Councillors Bill Clark and Toi Kai Rākau Iti, supported by Councillor Kevin Winters


Key Points:

·       Bay of Plenty Regional Council’s Long Term Plan (LTP) had been open for consultation from 22 February to 22 March 2021.

·       319 submissions had been received and hearings would be held over four days on 12-15 April in Tauranga, Whakatāne and Rotorua.

·       Council’s deliberations would be held in May and the LTP adopted in June.

·       Overall themes of the LTP were based on Council’s strategic priorities, a number of competing priorities within a complex environment, comprising:

o   Regulatory reform in response to Government directions, which would be resource heavy for Council to bring into effect and implement.

o   A regional recovery focus on job creation and transformational change across three separate economic sub-regions.

o   Climate change - Regional Council had declared a climate emergency and would have a regional focus on adaption and mitigation, growing community resilience and implementing transformational shifts.

o   Land use and transport – feedback had been sought on providing free region-wide public transport.

o   Partnership with Māori – was a priority for Council to evolve and enhance partnerships and its Māori responsiveness framework, noting the Bay of Plenty region had the highest number of Iwi/hapū groupings.

o   Council had a range of funding resources which community views and submissions had been sought on right funding levels and contestable funding.

o   Focus on sub-regional levels and services to suit.

o   Community participation and constructive relationships to meet the needs of the region.

Key Points - Members:

·       Noted a marked improvement in regard to Council’s environmental and social outcomes and engagement with its partners over a number of years.

·       Covid-19 pandemic had resulted in Government funding becoming available that had enabled and added value to a number of projects to support environmental and social outcomes.

8.     Whakahoutanga Kōrero
Verbal Updates


Forum Members' Verbal Updates


Whakaeke Ritete – Te Kotahitanga o Ngāti Tūwharetoa (TKNT)

·         TKNT had signed a partnership agreement with the Ministry of Social Development for the development of wetland and marae which would create jobs for rangatahi.

·         Ngāti Te Hurunga had entered into a 5-year sponsorship agreement with Microsoft Office New Zealand to advance data technology improvements for the hapū.

·         Highlighted the involvement of local kura kaupapa who were providing kaitiaki roles by way of daily karakia and frequent visits to their waterways.

·         Tangata whenua had hosted the Prime Minister at Contact Energy’s new geothermal power station development at Tauhara near Taupō. A relationship had been formed with Tauhara hapū and the power station. Two hapū site monitors were overseeing site excavations, with potential for future employment training being investigated by the Tauhara Hapū Trust.

Karito Paul – Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Manawa

·         Tuna heke was being carried out, involving two youth programmes facilitated by Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Manawa that included mātauranga Māori and environmental conservation.

Miro Araroa – Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Awa

·         Rangitāiki Hapū Coalition were working through issues where some whānau were preventing Bay of Plenty Regional Council from undertaking work along the awa.

·         Commended Bay of Plenty Regional Council on making changes to their Komiti Māori Terms of Reference.

·         Changes had been made to Ngāti Awa and Department of Conservation’s
Te Tapatoru 
ā Toi joint management partnership for Moutohorā, Ōhope and Tauwhare Pā scenic reserves.

·         Opihi Whanaungakore urupa kaitiaki were pursuing an appeal to the consent granted for sub-division development at Opihi.

·         Ngāti Awa had job vacancies available including a Dairy Farm Manager.

Ngapera Rangiaho – Tūhoe Te Uru Taumatua

·         Acknowledged community and marae response to the Tsunami evacuation on 5 March 2021.

·         Waiohau Marae invited Pioneer Energy to present to the hapū and were still waiting for a response to discuss current resource consents and any future proposals for consent, including enquiries of historical areas of interest to Tūhoe.

·         Received a Galatea farmer’s resource consent renewal from Manawaru Tribal, Ruatahuna for comment. A site visit was organised with applicants. The outcome was a prepared cultural health index report sent to Manawaru Tribal, Ruatahuna and Te Kōmiti o Runga Tribal Ruātoki.

·         Tūhoe has an interest in the progression of Lake Aniwhenua walking track due to the proposed track passing through Te Houhi. Patuheuheu and Ngati Haka have heard the presentation from Cr Silcock and Shona Pederson who had been referred to Te Kōmiti o Runga Tribal for engagement, which was still pending.

·         Undertaking research on trout licencing process in liaison with Fish and Game and Department of Conservation.

Cr Alison Silcock – Whakatāne District Council

·         15-20 hectares of weed control spray had been completed at Lake Aniwaniwa on 14 December 2021, however had not taken effect until after Christmas and so considered that a long-term plan was needed.

·         The Galatea Trails Trust had been formed for the Lake Aniwaniwa walking track which Karito Paul had joined as a member.

Cr James Wilson – Whakatane District Council

·         Whakatāne District Council’s Long Term Plan was being released for consultation on 24 April and would be available for a 4-week period.

Tuwhakairiora O’Brien – Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Awa

·         Rangitāiki Hapū Coalition had formed a focus group to consider Te Mana o
Te Wai policy.

·         Hoped that the Whitebait regulations would take into account the need for a catchment based approach, such as varying whitebait seasons outside peak glass eel migration periods, as identified by the glass eel study presentation provided at the meeting.

·         An issue had arose at Thornton lagoon with people netting for mullet in the repo areas created for mullet breeding. Bay of Plenty Regional Council had been made aware and offered to erect signage to prohibit netting in this area.

·         Acknowledged whānau/hapū from Ngāti Manawa who had assisted with glass eel catches last year. The mahi was labour intensive and Forum partners were encouraged to participate and support this mahi.

·         Sought consideration to aid carbon footprint reduction by holding Forum hui in venues that enabled video-conferencing for members and staff.

·         Suggested that the issues being experienced along the Rangitāiki River by Rivers & Drainage staff could be assisted by having a contact list of local people who resided along various parts the river.

·         Kaumatua within Ngati Awa had provided in-principle support of the feasibility study to reconnect the Rangitaiki and Tarawera rivers through the original Te Awa o te Atua river pathway.

·         Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Awa would be submitting to the Whakatāne District Council’s Long Term Plan to seek toilet facilities on the eastern side of the Thornton river mouth. Mr O’Brien noted he would approach the Department of Conservation to ask for support for a piece of land for the facilities.

Maramena Vercoe – Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Awa

·         Raised concern in regard to the Water Services Bill, which Ngāti Manawa considered had been prepared on the basis that no one owns water which effectively ignored current debate around Māori rights in relation to water under Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

·         Ngāti Manawa had been approached by Pioneer Energy regarding the possibility of removing gravel from the delta at Lake Aniwaniwa to sell which Ngāti Manawa had opposed for environmental reasons, as the gravel provided habitat for tuna, particularly during the summer season.

·         Ngāti Manawa’s employment and training strategy was underway and working well, with employment opportunities being made available within the kiwifruit and truck driving industry.

·         Ngāti Manawa had hosted Trustpower at the Wheao Dam to share information on land utilisation.



Update on Resource Consent Application RM187-0211 - Renewal of Non-Scheme Erosion Protection Works within the Bay of Plenty Region

Presented by: Chris Ingle, General Manager Integrated Catchments


Key Points:

·       The update was a follow-on from the presentation provided to the Forum on 4 September 2020

·       The resource consent would be used by a variety of people to undertake erosion protection, remediation and enhancement work within non-scheme waterways.

·       Stakeholder engagement had commenced in February 2020 and the application was publicly notified for submission in November 2020 with the closing date extended to 15 February 2021.

·       Eight submissions were received, including from Ngāti Manawa, Ngāti Pikiao, Ngāi Te Rangi, Department of Conservation, Fish & Game and Forest and Bird.

·       Preliminary discussions were taking place with submitters prior to hearing of submissions anticipated in May/June 2021.

9.     Ngā Take Tōmuri Hei Whakaaroaro
General Business


Continuation of Item 8.3 Rangitāiki Catchment Programme November 2020-January 2021 Dashboard Report

Discussion continued regarding a matter reported under Item 8.3, Rangitāiki Catchment Programme November 2020-January 2021 Dashboard Report in relation to Whakatāne District Council’s (WDC) investigation into security and amenity matters at Thornton Domain/Rangitāiki River Mouth and further highlighted by Mr Heyden Johnston in the Public Forum.

Key Points:

·       Members supported the issues raised by Mr Johnston, alongside the need for public amenities on the eastern side of the river mouth that had been raised under Matters Arising from the previous minutes and by Mr Tu O’Brien under Members’ verbal updates.

·       The Forum had made an earlier letter of submission to WDC’s Annual Plan regarding the need for public amenities on the eastern side of the river mouth.

·       Land on the eastern side of the river mouth was owned by the Department of Conservation (DOC).

·       Mr O’Brien advised that he intended to approach DOC to seek their support, alongside a submission to WDC to seek support for installation and maintenance of some toilet amenities.



That the Rangitāiki River Forum:

1       Endorse a letter of submission to be made on behalf of the Rangitāiki River Forum to the Whakatāne District Council’s Long Term Plan 2021-2031, in support of the submissions made by Mr Heyden Johnston and Mr Tu O’Brien on behalf of Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Awa in regard to CCTV installation at Thornton Domain and public amenities on the eastern side of the Rangitāiki River mouth.



10.   Karakia Kati
Closing Karakia

A karakia was provided by Miro Araroa.

1:37 pm – the meeting closed.



                                                                                                                                 Maramena Vercoe

Chairperson, Rangitāiki River Forum